Guide to Bridging MMAC from Binance Smart Chain to Matic Network

1 min readSep 2, 2021
  1. Setup BSC on Metamask

2. Add MMAC token to Metamask


3. Go to

4. Click “Connect to Web 3” and make sure you are using the wallet address that contains your MMAC on BSC

5. Under Approve — enter

Spender: 0xEdECC0c3bd2A58f4F35226f20393c80Cf5C66D51

Amount: the amount of MMAC you are bridging plus 9 zeroes
(eg 1000000000)

6. Click write and approve transaction on metamask

7. Go to BSC MMAC bridge

BridgeMMAC: 0.1
_mmac: The amount you approved in Step 5 (eg 1000000000)

9. Click write and approve transaction on metamask

10. Setup Matic on Metamask

11. Add Matic MMAC to Metamask


After about 5 minutes the MMAC should appear in your wallet.





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